Internet business

Time synchronization via the Internet
Time in the era of information technology has acquired special significance for modern man. Each of us glances at his watch at least several times a day. Many regularly synchronize…


Online photo slideshow
Photos replacing each other in the form of a presentation clip on which you can overlay music and animated transition effects - this is what the slide show consists of…

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Internet cheating
It has already become clear to many that you can make money online, but there is no “freebie” there. Almost everyone who uses the Internet has repeatedly come across a…


Theory of Web Specializations

The article is based on the personal observations of the author. Therefore, no one takes away from the reader the right to consider it subjective.
Essence of the theory
(lines show the time intervals, circles and numbers in them are understood as a profession and amount of knowledge, respectively)
What’s happening? The process of separation of professions. Continue reading

Who to entrust the development of the site?

You have thought over everything, provided for everything and decided to create an Internet representation of your company in the network. Here you can go in two ways: hiring specialists on a permanent or temporary basis, organizing a website development department and conducting the entire cycle of work within your company on your own, the second way is to involve external executives in the implementation of various stages of work. You only control the stages of development, and the entire production cycle is carried out outside the company. Continue reading

How to determine the cost of the site

Starting to choose the company-developer of your resource, you probably have a certain budget. But first we recommend you to conduct a small marketing research.
To develop a job that you will send to potential developers, decide what exactly you need a site for. That is the first section: the purpose of creating the site. This is necessary both for the formation of personal motivation, and to facilitate the work of the company-customer. Continue reading

Make your CMS better

Recently, I did a little research using the site, where you can test dozens of all kinds of open CMS (Content Management Systems, content management systems), and I was not satisfied with the result. All I had to see was cumbersome and difficult to manage software, with a bunch of options, often going around the basics of usability. The software written by profane and for profane. Continue reading

Perfect web team

All good is always small and compact, and in my opinion the ideal web team should consist of 5 people.
For starters, you need a person who will bring the team work. This person should be undoubtedly a good seller, but not annoying, like those “pushers” who work in the network business. A person must be competent and charismatic, able to equally well be held in front of the board of directors and at a business party. Since he will mainly have to deal with business people, it would be best if he is a person with experience in the sales department. Continue reading

Amateur tips or how to make a full-fledged corporate website
At work, I deal with a rather specific topic in the field of construction, which, to put it mildly, is of little interest to the majority of “normal” people. For…


How are sites created?
Recently it has become terribly fashionable to place commercial websites and representative web pages on the Web: each tiny company considers it its duty to leave its own mark on…

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The safest font
Doctors continuously warn all computer users: prolonged sitting in front of a computer monitor is detrimental to health, especially to the eyes. Chronic eye fatigue may develop, eyesight begin to…