Internet business

Promotion and site promotion in search engines
Every day on the Internet there are many completely new sites that no one knows and can not find out. At first, all web resources go through a stage of…


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Who to entrust the development of the site?
You have thought over everything, provided for everything and decided to create an Internet representation of your company in the network. Here you can go in two ways: hiring specialists…

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Amateur tips or how to make a full-fledged corporate website

At work, I deal with a rather specific topic in the field of construction, which, to put it mildly, is of little interest to the majority of “normal” people. For quite a long time I thought about the need to create a good website dedicated to the professional field of activity that would be of interest to specialists in my field and would be a reliable “help” in working life. Continue reading

Design and logic of the Internet portal

Information portal is one of the most popular Internet resources. What only interests, aspects of life, activities they do not cover! Portals on professional topics, news portals, portals on art, politics, sports, tourism, education, psychology, and hundreds of others offer us a wealth of information and facts. We used to call this mass information. But do portals inform us? Is it possible to call a hill of washed and chopped vegetables ready tasty salad, which is also well absorbed? Not. The same with modern portals. Continue reading

The main elements of the modern site.

Elements of a modern web site.
So from the first estimate, it is certainly difficult to identify the main features of a modern web site. But I still try to do it. Web design is closer to art than to artisan creation, and like any art can not be defined by clear definitions and regulations. However, now there are several criteria that a modern web site must meet. Continue reading

There is such a profession – web designer!

Today information technologies have merged into almost every corner of our life. Every year, about 40 million PCs are used in almost all areas of our lives, communications and communications are rapidly developing. And, naturally, it is in this area that new and new professions are increasingly in demand, such as a web programmer, a system administrator, an information security specialist, a web designer and many others. Continue reading

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Internet business for beginners
Trade, business, exchange of goods - all these concepts, in one form or another, have existed since time immemorial. With the development of technology and the accumulation of knowledge by…


Alternative browsers
Typically, choosing to work in a particular browser for Windows, the user prefers the most popular options such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. This is convenient…

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Perfect web team
All good is always small and compact, and in my opinion the ideal web team should consist of 5 people. For starters, you need a person who will bring the…