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Visual Network Enlightenment. Book review for web designer
Information for consideration CSS Zen Garden is a site that was born on May 8, 2003. The site consists of a single HTML file, by the example of which it…


Internet security
According to the results of an international study conducted in the European Region, in the Middle East and Africa, it turned out that the index of the Russian Federation’s citizens…

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Tips for web design to increase sales

The better the design of your site, the higher your chances of increasing sales.
Studies show that the main factor affecting the purchasing power of visitors to a commercial site is easy navigation. These findings are supported by a recent study by Jupiter Research. In other words, visitors say: “Make your site user-friendly, and you can sell us something.”
If usability is the key to better results, then what will improve the ease of use of your site? Continue reading

Recipe learning web design

Income-generating websiteWeb design and related disciplines are still relatively young and still under development. I am often asked the same question: “How to become a web designer?”. The answer is not simple. There are many different ways to become a professional web designer, and each is as individual as the people who make up the web design community are different. Continue reading

Revenue generating site

Let’s start a series of articles on how to get income from your site. We will not dwell here on how to increase revenue from sites selling something, because it is rather a question of site promotion. Let’s talk about information sites that provide visitors with free information.
All that comes to mind is advertising. About this and talk. Let’s start first with what should not be done. Continue reading

One of the main factors for business success is the optimization of your site.

Well-promoted site is now an integral part of the image of a thriving company. Web site promotion on the internet is the ability to apply search engine algorithms to generate income.
Firms that begin to consider the performance of an Internet site as one of the tools of a business sometimes can’t realize why a high-quality and professionally made resource doesn’t work, that is, it does not generate income. Continue reading

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Stealth viruses or stealth viruses
Stealth viruses (Stealth) or invisible viruses are a type of resident viruses (reside in RAM). Stealth-viruses falsify information read from the disk so that the program for which this information…


To help the site customer and future users: Why do I need a website?
Imagine that you recently opened your company. You have qualified staff, great potential and excellent opportunities for the implementation of its activities. Now it's up to the customers. So you…

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How to determine the cost of the site
Starting to choose the company-developer of your resource, you probably have a certain budget. But first we recommend you to conduct a small marketing research. To develop a job that…